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Help families this winter 

Fatima, 34, with her young daughter in front of her house in Sabzi, Bamyan province.
Support displaced families this winter

This winter is again very challenging for millions of people forced to flee their homes around the world. Steep rises in the cost food and fuel, combined with the climate crisis and consequences of COVID-19 pandemic are forming a triple threat for refugees. Many displaced families across the world have to face winter fighting to survive.  

For people forced to flee the war in Ukraine, UNHCR is helping by providing emergency payments, winter supplies and assisting to reinforce homes and collective shelters against the harsh weather.  

For Afghan families, the humanitarian situation is more dire year on year and the winter months are extremely hard. UNHCR is providing cash assistance, solar installations, and helping with the construction of permanent shelters to help families living in high-altitude cities as well as remote villages.   

For displaced Syrians across the Middle East, UNHCR is on the ground providing life-saving aid and winter supplies. We are also providing support to families fleeing the Sudan crisis, who found protection and shelter in Egypt and are facing similar challenges this winter for the first time. 

But we cannot continue this work without your help. Your donation is needed more than ever now to protect vulnerable families through the harsh winter months. 

We need to act now, before it’s too late.  

Please give what you can to help keep refugee families safe and warm this winter. Your help will go where it is most needed.



Fatima, 34, with her young daughter in front of her house in Sabzi, Bamyan province.
Support displaced families this winter

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can provide heating for a family in Afghanistan during the cold winter months.
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can cover the basic needs of a refugee family in Egypt during the winter months.
can provide a family in Ukraine with a heater to help them survive the harsh winter months.
per month can provide clean water to 20 refugees all year round.
per month can provide emergency shelter to a family of four.
per month can send two children to school.
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Regular gifts help us to plan ahead and provide long-term support to displaced families wherever and whenever it's needed most. 
By making a regular donation to Switzerland for UNHCR, you will provide refugees with ongoing relief and protection and help them regain hope for a better future.