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UNHCR | Emergency Afghanistan

Kid standing in front of tent
Help Afghan families forced to flee

The people of Afghanistan are in the grip of one of the world’s worst crises. 

The newest wave of conflict-the latest in 40 years-forced over 700,000 people from their homes in 2021. Ongoing drought, economic crisis and natural disasters like earthquakes are shattering already devastated communities while fighting and bombings still wrack parts of the country. 

You can help Afghans survive this emergency.  

Many displaced families lack sturdy shelters, basic items such as sleeping mats and blankets, and are in need of cash assistance to buy food and medicine. UNHCR spokesperson Peter Kessler says that “nearly 20 million people—half the country’s population—are still experiencing high and critical levels of acute food insecurity.”    

Your support is urgently needed. 

Your donation can provide people displaced inside Afghanistan with life-saving aid, as well as other emergency support throughout the year for refugees forced to flee to neighbouring countries.

Give today to protect these families who so desperately need your help !   

Kid standing in front of tent
Help Afghan families forced to flee

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could provide a kit of core relief items to an Afghan refugee family in Pakistan.
could provide cash assistance to 2 displaced persons during the harsh winter months.
could provide an emergency shelter to a displaced family in Afghanistan.
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Regular gifts help us save more families forced to flee. By making a regular donation to Switzerland for UNHCR, you will provide refugees with ongoing relief and protection and help them regain hope for a better future.