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UNHCR refugee students support

Weaam, Computer Science student from Syria

"I knew that to build the life I want I needed the chance to study," says Weaam. 

Talented, passionate students should be supported to thrive, pursue their dreams, and become leaders in their fields of study and their communities.  Sadly, today, only 6% of refugees have access to higher education compared to 40% among non-refugees. UNHCR and partners are committed to achieving enrolment of 15% of young refugee women and men in higher education by the year 2030. 

UNHCR has launched the Aiming Higher campaign so that currently un-funded refugees can also attend higher education.

Weaam recalls: "We arrived in Lebanon and were registered with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. I was determined to continue my education, but I had many challenges to overcome. I knew that to build the life I want I needed the chance to study so I carried on through all these challenges. Then I got a call from the UN Refugee Agency, telling me about their higher education scholarships. I applied immediately and, despite it being very competitive, I succeeded. I am now studying Computer Science. My dreams are many, and my ambitions are very big. I would like to study abroad. My dream is to stand someday on a large stage to share my story and challenges and to encourage everyone to continue working to achieve their dreams. "

You can help fund a life-changing refugee scholarship.  Each time CHF 2810 are raised, one additional student will have the opportunity to enlist into higher education to build a better future.

By donating today, you will help fund the cost of tuition, accommodation and living expenses, so that young refugees like Weaam have the chance to fulfil their dreams.

Please join us to ensure these students don’t face gaps in their education and to invest in the best chance we have for a collective future – smart, dedicated young minds.


UNHCR refugee students support

Weaam, Computer Science student from Syria

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Regular gifts enable UNHCR to commit for the future of refugees.
A 220 CHF monthly donation to Switzerland for UNHCR is enough to change the life of a talented young refugee through his full scholarship.